App Sales Agreement


    The terms of this calendar apply when you use the Amazon Mobile Ads API. “Amazon Mobile Ads API” means all program materials that we provide to enable the use of our Amazon Mobile Ad network within your content. Use of the Amazon Mobile Ad Network and Amazon Mobile Ads API is subject to the Publisher Agreement, available under In the event of a conflict between the Publisher Agreement and this Amazon Mobile Ad Network Agreement or the Amazon Mobile Ads API, priority shall be given to the Publisher Agreement. Before each sale, make sure that both parties know exactly what is on the table and that the sales contract eloquently specifies it. Where there are opportunities to buy and sell, there are other parties that have entered to facilitate such sales. comes to mind. There are many others, but flippa seems to be the most popular and linear. For example, when exploded with viral activity, they went to Flippa to sell their website.

    A week and 345 offers later, it was sold for $85,000. Fees and payment. The prices of the rankings and tournaments are set in our programming rules. Leaderboards and tournaments are sold by Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its affiliates (AWS). To use leaderboards and tournaments, you need an AWS account, as well as an account and payments to AWS. The terms applicable to payments, including taxes, are set forth in the AWS Customer Agreement or any other agreement you have with AWS. After the development of these agreements, we will take a look at how you need to display them correctly.

    Treatment of clients. You will treat end users of promotional items at least as well as all other end users of your games. If it is not necessary to fulfill the obligations arising from this addition, you will not directly or indirectly identify an end user entitled to promotional items as a Prime Gaming/Amazon Prime customer (“Prime Member”) with respect to third parties; ii) communicate to third parties sales or behavior data derived from Prime Gaming (including in aggregated or anonymous form) in a way that allows third parties to attribute such information to Prime members, individually or in groups; or (iii) the target communication based on the intended recipient, which is a Prime Gaming/Amazon Prime customer. Except as otherwise provided in an applicable order or if we do not like it in our discretion, termination or suspension of your participation in the Program does not affect the access, use, downloading or downloading of promotional items by end users who were entitled to the Action Item prior to the effective date of termination or suspension. This section applies even after the termination of the agreement….