Asic Regulatory Portal User Agreement


    Supporting documents for payment cannot be issued later via the portal. The portal tells you if you are acting on behalf of an entity or if you are acting for yourself in the upper center of the banner. On the portal home page, you can check for activity updates. Sector financial accounts – regulated companies that have sector financing obligations receive an invoice with the amount due in relation to the company`s share of the regulatory costs of the sector in which they operate. Once you have launched a form or transaction, you will be redirected from the portal to a transaction settings page. On the transaction settings page, you are asked if you want to restrict access to the transaction. To restrict access, click Yes – Restrict Access. This allows you to access a page with defined limits where you can select the users who can access the transaction. After the invitation, the trusted representative receives an invitation to the relevant company portal and can perform the necessary tasks on behalf of the company they represent, including submitting metrics for sector financing of business activities. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions applicable to your use of the ASIC Regulatory Portal. If you have not met the deadline and have not filed your annual return, you must still register a portal account for future correspondence with ASIC.

    If you are a single user, a registration or licensee, or the first user to register for a business, we will ask you, when you first register, to specify a few other contact information when selecting an entity on the Entity page. These are billing contacts (email and physical address), official contact notifications and a contact email for compliance with industry funding. Access to a notification is limited by default to primary administrators and the recipient of the notification. Primary administrators and notification recipients can give access to the notification to another portal user. Go to the target page of the portal and click on the “Login” button. On the registration page on the left, click on the link “Already registered but don`t receive a confirmation email?”. The portal user who initiated the transactions likely limited access to the transaction. A number of regulatory services will gradually be available through the portal.

    To register for the portal, go to the Registration page and click on one of the tiles that describe the registration possibilities. How you sign up depends on who you are and what you want to do first on the portal, but all of them create an individual portal user account. . . .