Dish Service Agreement


    The user designates a contact person who serves as an interlocutor for the communication between DISH and the user. The user ensures that the interlocutor is entitled to provide legally binding statements with effect for and against the user (power of representation). The contact person must have a valid mobile phone number to receive sms (Short Message Service) notifications and transmit this mobile phone number to DISH when registering. First, I would like to say that I had a court in the past, and they were actually good, so I resettled them six months ago. Worst mistake of all time. I don`t have internet at home, so 95% of the services I pay for apparently have no value, which I told them when I called to sign up, I told them I wouldn`t have internet at home, and it wasn`t revealed to me that my boxes wouldn`t do most of the things they were supposed to do. I didn`t get the Alexia I needed. Thus, the voice remote control, on demand and much more, did not work without the Internet. Less than a month after installing the volume in my funnel, she started messing everything up, as if the program wasn`t catching up with the TV. They told me it was TV. (which was brand new at the time) Absolutely the worst business you can run.

    Apart from the volume, I had no Icelanders until Friday 16.06.18. I tried to call the after-sales service which I put on hold for an hour to schedule a technician who would be a week later.