Fishing Vessel Charter Agreement


    It is recommended that users treat the vessel carefully and follow all the rules. The renter undertakes not to pilot the ship under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The charter fee includes the cost for a vessel equipped in accordance with the official price list and the AHV inventory list. Charter fees do not include other costs such as food, fuel or sleeping costs. The ship is delivered to the charterer with full, working and clean water and fuel tanks; it must be delivered again in the same condition. If a ship touches the ground, the head of a base should be immediately informed of the condition of the keel and hull in perfect condition. I understand and agree that I will not hold the master, crew or company accountable for the risks and hazards associated with fishing on the coast or on the high seas, and I expressly exempt them from all those risks and hazards. In addition, I am not in possession of illegal substances and I release the master, crew and corporation from any liability for the illegal acts I myself committed on the ship. Model: Tuna Taker and Reel Estate (Tuna Taker) strives to provide its guests with a safe, exciting and productive charter experience. We are passionate about fishing and look forward to sharing it with you. Our goal is to have fun and enjoy your time on the water. sun, rain, lightning, spray and other weather conditions; seas clearing; nod and roles; slippery and wet bridges; internal or external injuries: embarkation and disembarkation of the ship; fish, fisheries, fishing gear and fishing gear; and unintentional behaviour of others on the boat.

    Where a licensee is not also the end user of a charter, the rights and obligations of a licensee referred to below relate to the end user of a charter. Questions or concerns can be answered by phone, (609) 736-0660 or by e-mail The deposit (the amount is indicated in the price list of each ship) to be paid in cash or credit card upon delivery of the ship. The total amount of the deposit will be given after the departure of the ship at the agreed place and at the time agreed with the accompanying equipment and if the ship is not damaged. In the event of loss of or damage to the equipment, parts of the ship or theft of the ship itself, the owner shall withhold part or all of the security corresponding to the amount of the acquisition of the lost or damaged equipment or the repair of that part of the ship. The charterer checks the oil level in the engine every day. Damage caused by insufficient oil in the engine is not covered by insurance. The tenant can insure the deposit indemnity paid and the lessor recommends taking out such a type of insurance. Claims arising, where appropriate, from the chartering of a ship must be addressed in writing to the lessor no later than 14 days after the end of the charter. The owner only acknowledges complaints filed in writing during the delivery of the vessel and signed by the charterer and the owner. Claims for damages are limited to the maximum amount of the contract charter price. All other claims are excluded. If, for any reason, the charterer cannot begin chartering the ship, he is free to find, with the agreement of the owner, a person who assumes his rights and obligations.

    If the charterer is not replaced, the charterer must retain: 30 % of the charter costs if the charter is cancelled at least two months before the start of the charter period; 50% of the charter fee if the charter is cancelled no later than four weeks before the start of the charter period; 100% of the charter fee if the charter is cancelled less than four weeks before the start of the charter period. . . .