Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement Icc


    6 In addition, we agree that all commissions due should be paid to the beneficiary as a result of an extension or contract and that we should enter all necessary documents with our bank without undue delay to ensure these commissions and pay them under the contractual conditions. PARTIAL INVALIDITY: The illegality, invalidity and non-application of this document under the laws of one jurisdiction do not affect its illegality, validity or enforceability under the law of another jurisdiction or provision. APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION: this document is subject to the ncND laws in force or 400/500/600 signed between partners. ARBITRATION: All parties agree to refer to the Arbitration Rules of the International Arbitration Center all disputes between the parties arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, including all matters relating to their existence, validity or termination. 7 The appointed arbitrator shall hold the proceedings in each country chosen by the parties and the rules of the IAK shall apply. This document is signed and accepted by the parties mentioned below in order to be included in the main contract. Securely accepted and agreed (electronic signature is valid and accepted as hand signature) EDT (ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT TRANSMISSIONS) 1. EDT (Electronic document transmissions) is considered valid and enforceable with respect to all provisions of this Agreement. Where applicable, this agreement shall include:- public law 106-229, electronic signatures in the Global & National COMMERCE Act or any other applicable law in accordance with the UNCSUD Model Law on Electronic Signatures (2001) 2.

    AGREEMENT ON ELECTRONIC COMMERCE (ECE/TRADE/257, Geneva, May 2000), adopted by the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Commerce (UN/CEFACT). 3 In addition, our bank must undertake to confirm this information duly signed and stamped in the annex. Part of this agreement. It goes without saying that for the purposes of this Master Fee Protection Agreement, our bank is the same bank and imfpa is an integral part of it. We, the undersigned, seller or representative legally appointed by seller, as set forth in the signed and legally binding master transaction, unconditionally agree and agree to authorize and account for all payments in USD currency to all beneficiaries mentioned below as their legitimate and payable commissions. This agreement also serves as a record that confirms the amounts of the commission for each beneficiary mentioned as indicated below:- THE GENERAL COMMISSION IS PAID BY THE BUYER AS FOLLOWS:- The quantity of goods delivered must be invoiced as indicated here on the account as follows: This Master Rights Protection Agreement (IMFPA) applies exclusively to Contract No. 5 All parties agree not to circumvent the transaction or attempt to circumvent for this current contract or in the future for a period of five (5) years from the date of performance of this agreement. This document is binding on all parties, their employees, employees, transfers and assignment recipients or designated persons. All signatures sent by fax and/or e-mail shall be considered original signatures in order to bind all parties to this Agreement. This document can be signed and in any number of equivalents, all gathered and presented as one instrument. Either Party may enter into this document and the resulting agreement by signing an equivalent, at any time, on any date or within any period mentioned in any provision of this document, shall be modified only by a written agreement signed by all parties concerned.

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