Rent The Runway Rental Agreement


    RTR Unlimited: $159 per month / 4 pieces, 3 times exchanged, total rented coins – 12: $13.25 room rental fee for the month Sorry to hear that you had problems with the shows. This is one of the reasons why I like unlimited service. I spent a weekend where I didn`t want to rely on a single dress and came on arrival and restitution of the show. Instead, I tried Unlimited so I could bring in my options so well in advance that I knew if they were going to work and if they had time to adjust the accessories. I think the last time I used a weekend on the road, I got the „Main Event” dress, a clutch, a skirt for brunch the next morning, and even a jacket in a casual outfit for the recording day. So many more options and much less stress than renting individual items. Maybe you`d rather try it indefinitely if you`re in 5 more weddings for 2018 🙂 The choice is vast – for example, I have 31 pages of daywear for delivery tomorrow in Manhattan. Members can limit the options based on size, body type, occasion, color, etc., and they can also see the options they have previously „taken into account” that are now available for delivery. RTR also offers personalized suggestions that they think you like based on your previous rentals. We may provide, at our discretion, lists, descriptions or images of products available in the Services, as well as references and links to products, but we do not warrant that product listings, descriptions or images are accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free or that products are available, even if it is indicated in our services. This information and the availability of a product may change at any time without notice.

    Some similar weights, dimensions and descriptions are approximate indications and only for the purposes of simplicity. We make reasonable efforts to accurately display product attributes, including applicable colors, but the actual colors you see depend on your computer system and we cannot guarantee that your computer (including a smartphone or similar device) displays these colors accurately. Prices displayed for products and services are expressed in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated. The prices and availability of the products in our reserve service will only be confirmed when the corresponding products are shipped; If the actual price of such a product is higher than our specified price or if the product is no longer available, we will contact you prior to shipment or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. The availability of an entry, description or image of a product on the Services does not imply that we endorse such a product or that we are bound by the supplier of such product. Betsy. I`m joining a new company in downtown Indianapolis and I really need to revamp my wardrobe. And I`m too lazy to choose things for myself every morning. What would you propose the dead or do you rent the track? Right! I was literally cancelling because I was tired of the clothes on the way to transport and I thought about it. I asked the clientele, and they said it was completely correct.

    Since then, another 3 months have passed, they have added a 4th piece too unlimited and I can easily wear 16+ different pieces in one month if I want! If you do not submit one or more products (except for the products you purchase) before the date of return of the product (see section „Returns, extensions, shipping and lost items”) below, you authorize us (or our external liquidator) to charge your payment method a non-refundable late fee for the days during which we do not receive all the products, which includes such an order. up to the full retail value of the products not returned to us (for each product, the „Retail Value”) plus the applicable TURNOVER TAX. . . .