Riders Advantage Service Agreement


    The most comprehensive service contract available on the market today. FULL COVERAGE PLANS (1-5 YEARS) ATV`s | Side by side| Motorcycles| Dirt Bikes | Snowmobiles Buy your Rider`s Advantage Aftermarket Extended Service contract by phone or receive a FREE OFFER by filling out the form on the right ➜ We offer many products. Diamondbrite is a highly studied and technologically advanced protective layer. I bought a used Spyder from a dealer and bought the advanced warranty, according to the shop it is my vcm due to corrosion, now the warranty company wants the shop to clean the VCM and pins. Read more Why buy extended coverage with Rider`s Advantage? • Advanced coverage for new power and used sports vehicles, on and off the road. • Extended service contract for unlimited hours and miles available • National coverage, Every mechanic or distributor can meet a Rider`s Advantage warranty right quickly and easily with excellent customer support. The drivers immediately disputed my claim, and when they finally authorized the repair, they try to take care of the $1100 demolition/diagnostic costs for me! It`s been in the store for four months while she`s crazy. .