Subcontractor Non Compete Agreement Template


    This Agreement shall enter into force as soon as the Employee or Contractor terminates its relationship with the Company. There are some ways for a company to develop non-compete rules and a few scenarios in which they would be useful. You can recreate a deal from scratch, or you can use a non-competitive agreement template like ours. In any case, your agreement must be adapted to the specificities of your company. In the state of North Carolina, the application of these agreements is very specific. The court will not rewrite them to make them enforceable. Other states will often try to rewrite the agreement so that it is legally binding and fair. In this state, an agreement deemed unenforceable cannot be saved, which means that it is totally invalid. The non-competition clause can also be signed when companies are sold; The document prevents the owner from starting a similar business after selling the old business to another company or individual. The model non-compete clause below describes an agreement between „ABC, Inc.” and an employee, „Ferne Xiu”. If Ferne Xiu terminates her employment relationship, she agrees not to manage related matters such as ABC, Inc., not to induce other employees to terminate their employment relationship, and not to solicit clients of ABC, Inc. .